Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Be a Great Mentor!

Wes Wollard, former UNC Chapel Hill Chapter Director, and his mentee.

Being a mentor takes lots of time and effort. Here are some tips that will help you be or become the best mentor that you can be. When I am mentoring a student I imagine myself in their position and try to tell them all the things that I wish I was told before going into college. When mentoring your mentee just remember that you were just like them and you are the best resource that they could have. Simply be yourself!

Listen: Listen to your mentee. Sometimes a mentee may just need someone to talk to.

Communicate Openly: Communicate with your mentee. This will create a strong bond and your mentee will trust and feel like they could talk to you about anything.

Encourage: Encourage your mentee. Sometimes the college application process can be very hectic and discouraging. Stand with them and feed them with encouraging words. Be the one that believes in them when no one else does.

Share personal stories and struggles: Sharing personal stories with your mentee will let them know that they are not alone. Your success stories will give them hope and your struggles can possibly keep them from going through the same struggle that you went through.

Ask lots of questions: Asking questions will let your mentee know that you are interested in what they are saying.

Be reliable: Don’t flake on your mentee. Be there for them when they need you and always follow through with the things you say you are going to do.

Be the best mentor you can be.

Contributed by: Alicia Moore, SJSU Mentor & Strive Operations Team Member.