Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Strive at UGA

Hey guys!
So here at the University of Georgia we are in our second year of Strive, which means we're still in the creation and promotion stages of development. Last year was impacting, as expected, with mentors working hard at Classic City High School. This year, we're hoping to expand our outreach to more than one high school and have already heard positive feedback from at least one more school.

Being a relatively new organization on campus, we have a lot of opportunity to do things big and do things right, which is what we're currently striving to do. We have a lot of big things planned for our campus and our community! One way is through our percentage nights at local venues, bars and restaurants in Athens that serve the dual purpose of getting our name out AND getting funds for transportation costs to and from the high schools, meeting essentials (can't forget the pizza!) and campus tours for our mentees.
We're really looking for to the growth that's going to happen with Strive at UGA over this next semester and next year. We'll definitely keep you updated!

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