Monday, June 13, 2011

Make This Summer a Proactive one!

Hey Strivers!!

The school year is coming to an end. Many of you are graduating and some of you are going to become seniors. Here are a few activities to consider doing during the summer:

• Make sure you are looking ahead and marking your calendar with the deadlines that you will have to meet throughout the upcoming semester. You don’t want those deadlines to sneak up on you. The ACT and SAT deadlines are important and should be noted. Visit the College Board to make sure you are aware of the deadlines!

• Try doing some practice ACT and SAT exams to better prepare you for the test. The practice ACT exam can be found here and the SAT practice test on the college board website.

• Make sure you apply for the scholarships that are out there. It’s never too early or late to apply. has plenty of scholarship opportunities for all of you.

• Start considering a major that you want to go into. You can use following website to help you choose a major that is good for you. This website may help inform your decision making process.

• Start looking at the schools you are interested in attending and become better acquainted by taking campus tour or browsing around the school website. If you can, go on college visits with your parents and friends.

• Stay involved with extracurricular activities and volunteer work. It will come in handy when creating a resume or filling out your college applications.

• Start thinking of a personal statement topic. Some schools require personal statements during the college applications process. Click here for lots of tips and advice for writing a personal statement.

Enjoy your summer!

Contributed by: Alicia Moore, SJSU mentor & Strive Operations Intern

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