Monday, June 20, 2011

Making the Most of Your College Experience

Have No Fear Strive is Here

Mentor or Mentee, the Strive for College program always has your back!

Through thick and thin we will be here 'til the end.

Going off to college can be an emotional rollercoaster. It is exciting yet scary all at once! College is an amazing experience and you will have a blast. Don’t be afraid! You have your mentors to guide you through the process.

Going away from home to a place where you don’t know anyone can be very scary. You may be thinking that you’re not going to meet anyone and that you are going to get lost when looking for classes. But it is much easier to meet people in college because everyone is open to make friends and meet people because they don’t know anyone either. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. It’s much easier than you think. Don’t worry about getting lost either. There are plenty of maps to guide you.

When I was a freshman I didn’t think I would make friends so easily. Lots of people were introducing themselves and welcoming me with warm arms to the university! When I saw everyone else introducing themselves, I began to do the same. I never shook so many hands in my life. So don’t worry about not making friends. That’s the least of your concerns.

Don’t be afraid to go to the events or join the clubs that are available on campus. In the clubs you will meet people that share the same interests as you. You will also be fully involved with campus events that will help you become better acquainted with the school. Getting involved on campus is key.

My major is public relations so I joined a club called Public Relations Students Society of America. (PRSSA). I met a lot of students that shared the same major as me and I made some cool friends that gave me recommendations on teachers to take classes with and other fun clubs that I could join in order to be fully involved.

The college classes may seem intimidating and scary but you are capable of taking and passing them. Strive for College has prepared and provided you with tips that you can take with you into college. No need to worry about personal statements or how to read your transcripts. You have learned that from Strive. The classes are made to be convenient for you. You pick what time and what classes you want to take. There are a lot of different classes for you to choose from in order to fit your interests. This makes college a lot more fun and interesting than high school.

In high school, I hated PE! But when I got to college I fell in love with PE because there were so many classes to choose from. I was able to take Latin dance, kickboxing, and bowling just to name a few. The college classes are fun. They may be a little more challenging but don’t be discouraged because you are more than capable. Also the teachers are very helpful. They are always willing to meet with you one on one for help in the class or to just simply talk.

Keep in contact with your mentors after the Strive program is over. They are still willing to answer any questions and help with any problems that may occur. There are plenty of ways to stay in contact with your mentor. My mentee and I stay in contact through Facebook. She is leaving for Nevada to continue on with her education and I know that we will stay in touch. I will always be there for her. So make sure you add your mentor on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other social networking site. Also exchange numbers and email addresses in order to keep in touch. They would love to hear from you.

Contributed by Alicia Moore, SJSU Mentor and Strive Operations Team Intern.

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